Testimonials (no longer updated)

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Finally fitted the strap for my Tudor Black Bay that Michael made me.
Extremely positive about the result, the rust colored stitching matches the bezel perfectly as well as the color and finish of the leather to the dial.
Michael is perhaps the most helpful and friendly strap maker out there! 10/10

Thank you so much Wilhelm, that's a really great looking watch! /Micke  


Got this strap for my Damasko DC56 from Micke. Soft blackish leather, elegant but still a bit rough with a nice orange detail on the tip to match the watch. 


Thanks Anton! Love the watch and the result with the strap! /Micke 

Got these straps from Micke. They look great and I love the craftmanship and quality. Thanks!  


Thanks Joachim! Great pictures, gorgeous watch! :) 

Peter's original message, in Swedish: 

Jag har handlat straps över hela världen som inte håller samma klass som Mickes. Dessutom kostar Mickes en bråkdel. Har för närvarande köpt sex band så kan varmt rekommendera dessa straps!



My translation:

I've bought straps from across the world that do not match Micke's straps. Also, Micke's straps come at a fraction of the price. I've bought six straps and they come with my highest recommendations!


Thanks Peter! Great pics, great watch! Love that big chunk of metal! /Micke

To read more about Project "Ploppen", click here. 

Got this nice golden leather strap to accompany my 42mm Omega PO from Micke - a nice combo in my opinion.

Micke was a pleasure to deal with and most important the quality of the strap is awesome, can't wait to really "break it in".

Best regards/Hilsen 

Kenneth S, Denmark

 Thank you Kenneth for your kind words and pictures of your beautiful watch! /Micke 

These two straps really make me happy! The 24 mm strap for the EcoZilla and the 22 mm strap for the Incursore fits perfectly and gives the personal touch that makes the watches stand out. The deal was perfectly smooth and the delivery time very short!




 Thank you so much Erik, nice pictures and cool watches! /Micke