Swedish CG M45 ammo/clipbag 

I've managed to lay my hands on a number of clipbags/ammobags for the Swedish submachine gun M45. These are getting increasingly hard to come by in the surplus stores and the collector stores charge you way too much so when I got the opportunity to get a few at a decent price I jumped on it. Dating these bags are hard but I would guess they date back to the 1950's through to the 1970's.

One nice coincidence with these bags is that the carrying strap measures precisely 24 mm, hence lending itself perfectly for a 24mm strap allowing me to keep all the patina and all the original finishing done to the strap.
I will not trim these carrying straps to lesser widths, all these will be for watches with 24 mm lugs. There are other parts of the bags that can be used for other strap widths. 

The color and condition of these vary greatly. Some are a very dark brown, almost black, from use and weapons grease. The lighter ones are sort of a weathered saddle tan in color.
These bags are vintage in the true sense of the word. The leather will have imperfections, scars and other damages - to many people adding to the beauty but if your looking for "new" this isn't for you. :)

Below some of the nicer looking bags in the lot.  


For the lining on these straps I use veg-tanned cowhide leather intended for tooling. It is a soft smooth leather, very light in color. It keeps the remnants of weapons grease and dirt away from your skin and adds strength to the strap.

Below one finished strap (already sold).

I have a very limited number of bags. If you're interested, please send me an e-mail with an indication of your preferred color and condition and I will get back to you with what I have. Also, please note that ammo straps have a very distinctive smell from weapons grease and years of storage in weapons caches and surplus stores. The smell will fade with time but will never go away entirely. 

Price include a buckle of your choice, thumbnail or pre-V. I can also do these with a sewn in GPF MOD-style buckle at extra cost.

SEK 600 shipped within Sweden
USD 100 shipped anywhere else

Please contact me here to order or inquire.