How to order a custom watch strap

Please get it touch with me at and we will work out the details together.

Below are some details that are needed for a specification.

Width at the lugs

On most watches there are extensions at the top and bottom of the watch case where you attach the strap, these are called lugs. The interior distance between these two lugs are usually measured in millimeters and dictates the width of the watch strap. Usually the lug width should be equal to the strap width.

Width at the buckle

For a straight strap, you would choose the same width at the buckle as the width at the lugs. If you would like your strap to taper down to the buckle, the width at the buckle should be less than the width at the lugs. If you would like to use your original buckle supplied with the watch or just like the look of a tapered strap, we need to figure out the width at the buckle.


There is no single thruth as to what size strap will fit what size wrist. The size of your watch as well as how you like to wear your strap factors in. In my experience, the best way to size a strap is to look to a strap you have for the intended watch and measure that and deduct/add a few millimiters (if necessary) for a perfect fit.

Below is a simple table that indicate typical strap sizes for a range of wrist sizes:

Wrist size in millimeters

Strap size (not including the buckle) in millimeters













The easiest way to measure the circumference of your wrist is probaly to use a tape measure where your watch sits. If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string around your wrist and then lay out the string along a ruler.

Not familiar with measurements in millimeters? Type in "mm to inches" in Google and you will find numerous options to convert to inches (or just send me an e-mail).


How thick you want your strap is a very personal matter. I usually make my straps 3 to 5mm in thickness, depending on your preference. They will typically be marginally thicker at the top of each piece and then slender down towards the buckle.

For a large watch that wears high on the wrist (like for instance a Panerai Luminor) I would suggest a strap thickness of 3.5 to 5mm depending on your taste.

For a small to medium watch (like for instance the Omega Speedmaster) I would suggest a strap thickness of 3 to 3.5mm, again depending on your taste.


I have loads of different leathers, too many to list here. Also, what leathers I have may vary from time to time. By checking out my Instagram-feed you will get a good idea of what leathers I have.

I have a whole separate section on ammoleathers here on my webpage, please check it out here.

Please get in touch with me if you're looking for something particular that you can't find here.

Stitching and thread

I prefer to work with waxed linen thread, it is a natural material and has been used for stitching leather for ages. I have linen thread in many many different colours and weights.

As for the style of your stitching, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Please let me know what colour thread and stitching style you are looking for, have a look at my Instagram-feed for inspiration and send me a link for reference.


I have found a modern buckle of good quality that I use for my straps. I stock it for 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26mm widths. It comes in brushed or polished finishes as pictured below.

I have a smaller buckle for 14, 16 and 18mm widths. Also, I usually stock screw-in pre-V buckles in 22, 24 and 26mm widths, brushed and polished. For Panerai I also have tubes available. Please inquire for details.

I have no buckles in odd measurements (19, 21 and so forth) but I can make a strap to fit your original buckle if you have an odd measurement.

Sorry, no buckles in PVD or brass/bronze.