All measurements are in millimeters, I'm lost!

Google is your friend. Try "mm to inch" in Google search and you'll find lots of options for converting millimeters to inches, decimal and fractional.   

Do I need to treat the leather with wax or leatherbalm? 

When delivered all things I do are conditioned and ready for use. If the leather dries out over time and with use you can clean it gently with glycerine soap or just a damp soft cloth, let it dry and then treat it with leather grease or wax. Avoid neatsfoot oil and grease/wax with pigment in it since they will spoil the original color/hue of your item.


MJLEATHER is me, Michael Jansson, and the sitename I chose for displaying the produce of my hobby. My workshop is located in my home. I live in Sweden, just north of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.  

I have a daytime job apart from this, sort of part of the IT-business and sort of a conversation killer most of the time. :)


For international orders I prefer PayPal, for your safety and mine. For Swedish orders I prefer Swish.

No answer here to your question?

Contact me at micke@mjleather.com

Not happy with what you received?

Don't worry, I take pride in what I do. Please contact me and we'll work something out.